Tefilat-Chana provides an informational “Ask!” service. You may direct your question to any of the rabbis or doctors listed below. We acknowledge and thank our rabbinical and health professionals for their staunch support, as well as for their willingness to educate and provide assistance for infertility and its accompanying challenges.

Tefilat Chana - Dr Raelia Lew

Fertility Queries


Dr Raelia Lew leads Women’s Health Melbourne, a boutique specialist gynaecology and fertility practice that provides nurturing top level care to women and couples. In her approach to fertility, Dr Raelia recognises issues that are important to women and acts as their strong advocate, empowering them along the way. Surgical skill, compassion and her commitment to clinical and academic excellence help Dr Raelia to achieve the best possible treatment outcomes. Her gentle and caring manner coupled with her innovative and modern approach makes her popular with patients.

Dr Raelia has a special interest in collaborative care to ensure fertility treatments can be conducted in accordance with Jewish law, with supervision and rabbinical advice. Her private practice is situated close to the heart of Melbourne’s Jewish community.

Tefilat Chana - Dr Debbie Herbst

Pregnancy Loss Queries

DR Debbie Herbst, MBBS

Dr Debbie Herbst is a partner at Inkerman Medical Group. As well as being a busy mother and now grandmother, Dr Debbie focuses on the health and wellbeing of all patients through emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. Her main interests are in Women and Children’s Health.

Dr Debbie is a fully accredited Shared Care GP, caring for women before, during and after pregnancy. She is affiliated with the Royal Women’s Hospital, and worked at Masada’s renowned Mother Baby Unit for many years.

Dr Debbie is a founder of Orach Nashim, and she works in liaison with many rabbis when women experience any health related issues that may have Halachic implications. Dr Debbie presents regularly to various community groups on health matters.

Tefilat Chana - Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum

Halacha Queries

Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum

Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum is spiritual leader of Moorabbin Hebrew Congregation and co-director of L’Chaim Chabad in Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia. Together with his wife, Leah, he has been responsible for offering a host of innovative programs and spiritual growth opportunities to the local community.

Rabbi Greenbaum heads SHIFRA, which provides the Melbourne Jewish community with fertility related services in accordance with Halacha, including supervision of fertility treatments and personal counselling.

Rabbi Greenbaum maintains regular contact with Machon Puah in Israel, the leading world authority for halachic fertility issues, as well as with other leading Halachic and medical personnel.