About Tefilat Chana

Do you know that 1 in 6 couples face the challenge of infertility at one point during their lives? Just as many couples experience the sorrow of pregnancy loss.

Confronting these issues can be emotionally stressful and overwhelmingly isolating. A couple may not be sure where to turn for answers to the many questions they have. “Are we the only ones going through this? Are we seeing the right doctor and doing the right treatments? Are there any halachic issues that we need to be aware of? How are we going to pay for everything?”

No one should experience these issues feeling lonely. We are here for each other!

Tefilat-Chana is a non-profit organisation, providing support for Jewish couples in Australia who are experiencing infertility, reproductive health issues or pregnancy loss. Our objective is to cater for the specific needs of Jewish couples in Australia, by providing emotional and informational support that is relevant in Australia, and which conforms to the standards of Halacha.

Tefilat-Chana is endorsed by Orach Nashim (orachnashim.org), as well as by local Rabbis and doctors, and is in contact with its Sydney-based affiliate, the Australian Jewish Fertility Network (ajfn.org.au).

Tefilat-Chana respects the need for privacy, confidentiality and anonymity.

Tefilat Chana Hope

About Our Name

Our name is sourced in the famous biblical narrative of Chana, who suffered the agony of barrenness, and humiliation at the hands of those who did not empathise with her. Chana poured her heart in silent prayer before God with such passion that even Eli the High Priest did not recognise her prayer for what it was. In due course, Chana gave birth to a son, and named him Shmuel. She paid homage to God, “For this child did I pray, and the Lord granted my request which I asked of Him”. Tefilat Chana (Chana's prayer) is the embodiment of every woman’s longing to hold a child of her own. If you share Chana's silent prayer, remember that you are not alone.


Tefilat-Chana is managed by a small group of volunteers. To find out how you can make a difference, please contact us.